Can we improve the current cycling performance paradigm?

Episode 19 November 07, 2021 01:08:22
Can we improve the current cycling performance paradigm?
The Cycling Performance Club
Can we improve the current cycling performance paradigm?

Nov 07 2021 | 01:08:22


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Damian Ruse Cyrus Monk Dr. Jason Boynton

Show Notes

In this episode we take a look at the current performance improvement model in cycling and ask the question - can we do better? To do this we examine the common process of improving cycling performance and compare and contrast it with processes in other elite sport.

Do you agree or disagree with our thoughts and conclusions on how we can improve the current cycling performance pardigm?

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Jason Boynton, Ph.D. - sport scientist and cycling coach

Cyrus Monk - professional cyclist and cycling coach

Damian Ruse - professional cycling coach

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