Dr. Georgios Mavropalias - Can eccentric cycling’s backward approach improve your performance on the bike?

Episode 39 August 22, 2022 01:16:00
Dr. Georgios Mavropalias - Can eccentric cycling’s backward approach improve your performance on the bike?
The Cycling Performance Club
Dr. Georgios Mavropalias - Can eccentric cycling’s backward approach improve your performance on the bike?

Aug 22 2022 | 01:16:00


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Damian Ruse Cyrus Monk Dr. Jason Boynton

Show Notes

Compared to other interventions used in training cyclists (e.g. HIIT, heat acclimation, altitude training) eccentric cycling doesn’t have a lot of notoriety. In fact, this might be the first time you’ve ever heard of it. But just because eccentric cycling isn’t popular, doesn’t mean it can’t potentially benefit the performance of cyclists.

In this episode we talk with eccentric cycling expert Dr. Georgios Mavropalias and explore what eccentric cycling is, its known benefits, whether or not it can improve cycling performance, and how to potentially apply it to your training program. Is eccentric cycling the next big intervention for cyclists? Time will tell. But it’s probably not a bad idea to get insight on it now so you can be keeping an eye on it for the future.

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Guest panelist:
Georgios Mavropalias, Ph.D.
Staff Page
Twitter: @x_centrik

Episode References:
Comparison between high- and low-intensity eccentric cycling of equal mechanical work for muscle damage and the repeated bout effect

Increases in Integrin–ILK–RICTOR–Akt Proteins, Muscle Mass, and Strength after Eccentric Cycling Training

Eccentric cycling does not improve cycling performance in amateur cyclists

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