Improving these cyclists' performance: A case study challenge!

Episode 12 August 25, 2021 01:15:05
Improving these cyclists' performance: A case study challenge!
The Cycling Performance Club
Improving these cyclists' performance: A case study challenge!

Aug 25 2021 | 01:15:05


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Damian Ruse Cyrus Monk Dr. Jason Boynton

Show Notes

In this episode the co-hosts challenge each other with hypothetical athlete cases. Each cyclist differs in physiology, cycling background, and lifestyle, but they are all seeking to improve performance and reach specific competition goals. What follows for each case is an impromptu discussion on the techniques, and initial steps, we would implement, as coaches, to help these athletes achieve their cycling goals. What do you think of our approaches? Are they similar to how you would proceed?

Episode Timestamps:
1:50 Tying up loose ends from the previous interval pacing episode

6:30: Sarah - 34 yo, triathlete for 12 years, month off due to stress fracture while training for an ironman. Goals: race first road race, 120km gran fondo

30:30: Bob - 58 yo, 80 kg, 179 cm. Professor, married with two kids. 3 years cycling experience with one year of racing. Successful cross country runner in high school and college. Goals: Win his first cat 4 race, podium at Master’s national champs

55:05 Ben - 21 yo, good all around power profile, cyclist for 6 years, top 20 in U19 national champs, part time work and university. Goals: Gain results at national level, step up to continental or professional ranks

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Jason Boynton, Ph.D. - sport scientist and cycling coach

Cyrus Monk - professional cyclist and cycling coach

Damian Ruse - professional cycling coach

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