Roundtable #1 - Podcast update, mission, and listener support

Episode 37 August 16, 2022 00:21:40
Roundtable #1 - Podcast update, mission, and listener support
The Cycling Performance Club
Roundtable #1 - Podcast update, mission, and listener support

Aug 16 2022 | 00:21:40


Hosted By

Damian Ruse Cyrus Monk Dr. Jason Boynton

Show Notes

If you are a regular listener to the show you may have noticed a recent lull in our content. Fortunately, this hasn’t been without good reason.

In this episode Damian, Cyrus, and Jason discuss all the things that have been happening recently behind the scenes with the podcast; our mission, our passions; podcast membership and listener support; and introduce a new podcast format for our feed- The Roundtable.

Don’t forget, TCPCP listeners get an exclusive 20% discount off the InfoCrank Road or the InfoCrank Track (and any accessories!). Simply use the discount code performance20 at checkout on the InfoCrank website ( This deal ends on 30-Sep-2022, so don’t hesitate to get yourself the most accurate power meter on the market and show support for the show!

This is a listener supported podcast, and we would be stoked if you supported us by becoming a member of The Cycling Performance Club! With your backing we can continue our mission to deliver the best in cycling performance knowledge and practical advice to you and the greater cycling community. Support The Club by clicking here!

Jason Boynton, Ph.D.

Cyrus Monk

Producer & co-host:
Damian Ruse



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