Should we be blood lactate testing cyclists?- Part 1 of 2

Episode 17 October 13, 2021 01:04:41
Should we be blood lactate testing cyclists?- Part 1 of 2
The Cycling Performance Club
Should we be blood lactate testing cyclists?- Part 1 of 2

Oct 13 2021 | 01:04:41


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Damian Ruse Cyrus Monk Dr. Jason Boynton

Show Notes

Lactate and its association with exercise has been known for more than 200 years, after Jöns Jakob first observed it in the muscles of recently hunted stags. Consequently, knowledge of its relationship with exercise is deeply rooted in both popular culture and among endurance athletes. However, more recent research has demonstrated lactate’s presence during exercise has largely been misunderstood for much of this time.

During this two part series, we do a deep dive into all things lactate to assess whether or not we should still be blood lactate testing cyclists, and whether there are better alternatives. So, before you decide to participate in a blood lactate test or recommend one for an athlete, you should definitely give these episodes a listen to make sure you are considering all the pros and cons. Or, listen for the myth-busting and rabbit holes this conversation necessarily gets into.

Episode Timestamps:
3:30 The hosts’ experience with blood lactate testing
9:25 Who is blood lactate testing?
12:10 Blood lactate quiz
22:45 Why did we start looking at lactate during exercise?
28:40 Some biochemistry of lactate metabolism
35:35 Why do we blood lactate test cyclists?
43:00 Types of lactate thresholds?
46:55 Blood lactate testing methods
53:45 Practical considerations

Episode References:
Lactate in contemporary biology: a phoenix risen

The maximal metabolic steady state: redefining the ‘gold standard’

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Jason Boynton, Ph.D. - sport scientist and cycling coach

Cyrus Monk - professional cyclist and cycling coach

Damian Ruse - professional cycling coach

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