Introducing The Cycling Performance Club Podcast!

Episode 1 June 07, 2021 01:29:20
Introducing The Cycling Performance Club Podcast!
The Cycling Performance Club
Introducing The Cycling Performance Club Podcast!

Jun 07 2021 | 01:29:20


Hosted By

Damian Ruse Cyrus Monk Dr. Jason Boynton

Show Notes

Welcome to The Cycling Performance Club Podcast! 

Introducing a new podcast called The Cycling Performance Club Podcast! And as you might have already been able to guess, it’s about all things cycling training, performance, and science.

The exciting part of this show is the format. It’s a panel show that is recorded live on a weekly call with a panel of scientists, pro-cyclists, and cutting-edge coaches.

Topics covered on this episode:
2:00 What does it mean to train with Science? How does this approach compare to other coaching methods?

27:00 Should coaches be prescribing ‘bad weather training’ for athletes preparing for races that may be in cold or wet conditions?

1:01:12 What strategies can be implemented when returning from a crash? What role do coaches have in both the physiological and psychological return to fitness?

This is a listener supported podcast, and we would be stoked if you supported us by becoming a member of The Cycling Performance Club! With your backing we can continue our mission to deliver the best in cycling performance knowledge and practical advice to you and the greater cycling community. Support The Club by clicking here!

Jason Boynton, Ph.D. - sport scientist and cycling coach

Cyrus Monk - professional cyclist and cycling coach

Damian Ruse - professional cycling coach


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Instagram: @cyclingperformanceclub
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Twitter: @cyclingclubpod
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